About us

The brand Armèlle was founded out of the vision and passion to reinvent fashion gloves. Leather gloves and mittens of all forms have always been a huge part of fashion history. But as the time has gone on, the cultural relevance of the centuries-old tradition of making and wearing leather gloves has almost been forgotten. Being seen nowadays only as part of seasonal outfits or even worn just out of utilitarian reasons. Something that Armèlle is eager to change.

As a brand we create and refine the idea of the centuries-old tradition of gloves making with a future-oriented approach to bring fashionable leather gloves into the 21st century, as perfect and beautiful accessories for everyday life and special occasions.

“Our premise is not to hide the hands but to embellish them, make them part of a fashion statement and to enforce ones individual style.” ARMÈLLE

Gloves were and still are one of the strongest accessories in fashion, and we wanted to find a way to transmit this strong feeling, but making them at the same time more relevant in terms of practicality. Since usual pairs of gloves are mainly focused to be worn outdoors or while being on the road and are mostly taken off for indoor events, Armèlle gloves are dedicated to change the classical full covered gloves cut and focus purely on fingerless gloves. Our premise is not to hide the hands but to embellish them, make them part of a fashion statement and to enforce ones individual style.

We make leather gloves, fine leather accessories, that can and want to be worn on any occasion, even being gloves, because they are fingerless and don’t have to be removed. Making some models even suitable to wear with rings and other pieces of jewelry.

Armèlle is a story of passion and two generations who cannot imagine their everyday life without fashion. A family owned business, which is primarily run by its two generations, mother and son.
One generation who has always been enthusiastic about extravagant accessories. Creating her own style rules and having a soft spot for sparkling accessories. In the 90s she moved to Spain.
The next generation, a young artist, and traveler with strong and clear visions, who lets his creativity flow through photography and art.

The answer is pretty simple, because we are in love with gloves as an extremely stylish accessory. On our travels through Rome, Paris, New York or London, we discovered beautiful gloves. But not those we had in mind; unique gloves which are visually different and eyecatching, those, you can’t resist, Gloves that complete everyday outfits, gloves that you do not want to take off, gloves that make your hands look great. That’s why we decided to design our own collection.

From the very beginning on we had a strong vision about the visual impact of our new gloves generation. We wanted them to be special, to look extremely stylish with amazing details. At the same time we worked on the shape, to make them very comfortable. Therefore, we work closely together with our manufacture, following the traditional path of gloves making. Unlike other fashion industries, gloves making today hasn’t changed in the last decades. It’s still a traditional craftmanship and there are only few skilled glovemakers left. Making gloves is for us a process of refined art and each step of gloves making requires full attention. It’s about maintaining a dialog with the fine leather we are using for our gloves and to create unique craftmanship by finding the perfect combination of colors and shapes.

“Gloves are a wearable evidence of traditional art and meant to delight inspire the next fashion generations.”

Gloves are one of the most beautiful accessories and such a perfect embellishment for hands. They create the seemingly impossible; being extravagant and comfortable at the same time. High-quality leather gloves make hands visible and good looking. And exactly this is the reason why we chose fingerless gloves. You can keep them on your hands. Whether while being in the office, using a phone or attending social events. Fashionable gloves should not be kept unseen in handbags. Like rings or bracelets do, they give hands a touch of glamor. At the same time, they ensure a wonderful feeling when worn. The secret of gloves as accessories is that they provide each outfit with a personal touch. Gloves look extremely fashionable, they add this unique elegant touch to your hands.

The logo which is almost always seen together with the name Armèlle, is truly a representation of the brands DNA, and stands for the main values behind the brand. Inspired by an old typography of the 16th century and especially the strong and harmonious “A” in capital letter. Which is meant to make reference to the old heritage and craftsmanship involved in the creation of our leather gloves, and its strive for elegance in its proportions and cut. Altogether with its two bold dots, placed next to it, which are inspired by the orthographic meaning of the sign “:” which by definition, is used in writing to introduce a list of things or a sentence or phrase. Making reference to the bold message, the brand wants to communicate.

Together they form our brand logo and are found on all our products.

Armèlle stands for its new approach towards the design of its gloves but also for its strong importance on quality. Since all our leather gloves are handcrafted in Spain, in small quantities, and most of the trimmings used for the manufacture of the gloves come from Italy, Spain or Germany, from companies we trust and know. We firmly believe that a great product can only be achieved if the components behind, have the same level of high-quality standards.

Our Vision

A universe in which all individuals have the courage to express themselves through their own fashion style and where fashion will be communication without words needed.

Being an inspiration for individuals wanting to express themselves through their fashion style.

Our Mission

We believe in the future of fashion rooted in tradition. Our gloves are created with passion, taking time for the creative process and appreciating every detail during the manufacturing process. Respecting the traditional way of making gloves, we reinvent gloves to make them part of our lifestyle.
We make luxurious gloves in a way that they underline the beauty of hands. We aim to create emotional connection with customers through wearing experiences and inspiring product design. Lifestyle and fashion is our passion.

Our values


Our Brand is part of our lives. We love creating gloves and new experiences for our customers .


Our imagination is our favourite and unlimited fountain for creating embellished gloves for our customers to fall in love with.


Respect is the essential part of our communication, towards our team, our suppliers and our customers.

Responsibility and sustainability

We take seriously our responsibility towards our customers, team, suppliers and environment.


In Armèlle we take care of every detail. Our gloves are hand made in Spain. We work closely with European suppliers.

“Tradition and future belong together.” ARMÈLLE