Mittens are the new lady gloves

Have you ever considered to make gloves your favourite accessory all year long? Perhaps not, but it’s time to change your mind and live the experience to attract attention where ever you go. Fingerless Gloves can be an amazing accessory that makes your look outstanding and mark the difference. Whether elegant or casual, a pair of extravagant gloves give every outfit style and personality.

After their heyday in the 50s and 60s, gloves have obviously been forgotten as a fashion accessory. Although present on catwalks and events, they still suffer a shadowy existence, mostly hidden in the winter box of many closets. But they are up to re-appear, as new it-piece you won’t want to miss again.

Mittens make hands elegant

Elegant fashion gloves can do a lot more than warm fingers on cold days. They were born to attract attention, to make every gesture of your hand unforgettable. They make you feel unique and are perfect to make the most adorable fashion statement. Fine leather in combination with sophisticated decoration elements makes every pair of our gloves special.

Leather gloves adapt to the hand and fit comfortably like a second skin. And given the nature of leather, warm temperatures are no problem, on the contrary, your hands feel more comfortable. You won´t wish to take your fingerless gloves off, because there is no need. Your fingers keep free to use your mobile phone or computer.

Leather gloves, born to be icons

Elegant mittens remain on the hand – in the office, at meetings and of course also at parties. The new gloves generation has the potential to conquer the hearts of style icons all over the world – as an accessory that is unique, seductive and photogenic at the same time.

Fingerless gloves and mittens designed by Armèlle and made in Spain combine the softest leather, fashionable colors, trendy designs and exciting accessories. We want you to fall in love with our gloves.

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