Model Audrey Blue


Mittens, completely fingerless gloves, made of soft skin and a strass decorated buckle. In this model, the protagonist, is a beautiful double-row strass buckle. Attached to a beautiful mitten, made out of special leather for gloves, as used for all Armèlle gloves. It stands out for being very thin, soft and minimally elastic. Adapting to all hands and generate greater comfort. Being an ideal accessory to accompany the day.

Color: Azulón
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Composition and details

Model AudreyAvailable in the following colors:

006 003 05 BLACK
006 003 08 AZULON
006 003 09 FUCSIA
006 003 01 TAUPE
006 003 10 EMERAL
100% Sheep leather
Lining: 100 % Poliester
Buckle with two rows of strass
Made in Spain



Armèlle gloves are hand-crafted in Spain by our experienced glovemakers. All in all, the manufacturing process of the Armèlle gloves includes over 20 individual steps. Accessories such as trimmings, studs or chains are also carefully hand placed and sewed. Quality and passion for design determine the entire manufacturing process.

Armèlle gloves can be identified by the Armèlle embossed logo on your glove.

Care instructions

If you respect the care instruction needed for your Armèlle gloves, made of the finest leather, you will enjoy your fashionable gloves for a long time.

Leather is a natural product and it is sensitive to wetness or manual impairments. It is therefore important to keep your gloves dry and avoid contact with edged objects.

Here you will find a detailed description of the care symbols attached to our gloves. Please pay attention to it!

Do not wash

Do not dry clean, do not use bleach

Do not iron

Do not tumble dry

Gentle professional treatment with perchlorethylene

First aid, in case your glove got wet:

Then please only dry gloves in the air and never put them on a heater. If your gloves have become wet, put them in a dry cotton cloth and dry them by gently squeezing them. Put on the half-wet glove to make the glove fit again. When it is completely dry, gently knead it to soften it again.

If it is lightly soiled, a soft, slightly damp, cotton made, cloth may help. Treat the affected area very gently with it.

Size guide

What size of glove do I need?  On this page, we show the available glove sizes and their corresponding measures, in case you do not find the required size, or have doubts, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to the use of a specialized leather with a very soft and slightly elastic touch, the glove adopts to the hand, providing a sensation of having a second layer of skin.

Each pair of gloves is made by paying a lot of attention to detail. Giving much importance to the components used, as well as the cut and size of the glove.

How do I measure my glove size? You easily find your glove size by following the instructions on the picture underneath. Important: Place the measuring tape around your streched hand without tensing it.

Armèlle glove sizes WOMANS/ML
Armèlle glove sizes MANS/ML

When doubting between two sizes, opt for the bigger one.