Size guide gloves and mittens

What size of glove do I need? On this page, we show the available glove sizes and their corresponding measures, in case you do not find the required size, or have doubts, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to the use of a specialized leather with a very soft and slightly elastic touch, the glove adopts to the hand, providing a sensation of having a second layer of skin.

Each pair of gloves is made by paying a lot of attention to detail. Giving much importance to the components used, as well as the cut and size of the glove.

How do I measure my glove size? You easily find your glove size by following the instructions on the picture underneath. Important: Place the measuring tape around your streched hand without tensing it.

glove sizes Armèlle
Armèlle glove sizes WOMAN S/M L
cm 16-18 18,1-20
Inch 6,3-7 7,1-7,9
Armèlle glove sizes MAN S/M L
cm 19-21 21,1-23
Inch 7,5-8,2 8,3-9,1

When doubting between two sizes, opt for the bigger one.