Styling issues – Why your day should start with gloves?


Armèlle behind the scenes …to be continued

Do you know the feeling when you stand in front of your wardrobe in the morning? A wardrobe that, although packed with clothes,  still doesn’t manage to answer the first question of the day, “What am I going to wear today? What colour, trousers or skirt, what do I combine? And then there’s the clock, ticking mercilessly, reminding you that you’re late again. Another one of those moments when creative outfit ideas have to give way to a tried and tested variation. Not necessarily bad, but neither is the elegant and sophisticated style that makes the start of the day so much more lively. But there’s a pretty simple solution for that too: gloves!

Fingerless gloves are my style guarantee.

Not the practical winter ones, of course, but the ones that make my heart beat faster every morning. Because before I rush out the door, as usual, I head to my personal treasure chest. A beautiful box, of course, shiny and tempting. In it, I keep my private glove collection. Fine gloves made of delicate leather. Assorted colours. With silver and gold accessories. And of course, they are all fingerless and there is a special reason for that; the gloves are much too beautiful to disappear in the handbag. Choosing the right pair of gloves is actually easy; a matching colour to the outfit and to my earrings (they can never be missing). Just putting on the gloves is pure emotion, one of those moments that can’t be described, only felt.

Today, by the way, I have chosen the green ones with the pearl buckle. Once again, I have to admit that I love pearls in all variations.

Which are your favourite gloves? We look forward to hearing from you. Armèlle