Welcome back, dear gloves!


Their role: mythical, seductive, stylish. They grace the hands of great fashion icons that can not be more different; black, fitted and long to the Givenchy dress, they immortalized themselves with Audrey Hepburn at Breakfast at Tiffany’s. They adorned the hands of the unforgettable Grace Kelly in different colours to match dresses and coats. Fingerless, and extravagant mittens, they rock the stages with Madonna or Beyonce. Whether Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Dakota Johnsen … they rely on the impact of gloves on the red carpet.

“Bam effect” guaranteed

Even the most beautiful pair of shoes might have its difficulties to compete against. In terms of “bam” effect, gloves have a couple of visible advantages on their side. Because gloves are such an eye-catching accessory even for the most beautiful dress, and thanks to their position, dressing our hands, they make it on every photo. For shoes, it is much harder to shine due to their position at the ground level and often covered by long robes. The comeback of the gloves is also visible on the latest catwalks. Many designers complete their looks with gloves as accessories.


Gloves should not be underestimated,  they are on the rise again

In the fifties and sixties, gloves filled the drawers of fashion-conscious women, and the glove-maker guild across Europe enjoyed full order books. The fashion trends of the 70s, 80s and 90s paid little attention to the style icon. In our opinion completely wrong. Because gloves meld what is again a big issue in terms of fashion today: Fashion should be beautiful and at the same time comfortable and wearable. Kind of unreachable and often cause of headaches thinking about shoes and clothing. Because honestly, the extravagant high heels are not necessarily comfortable. Leather gloves are a true all-rounder among fashion accessories: they are both seductive and comfortable at the same time. A masterpiece of her art, handmade leather gloves are soft and fit wonderfully your hand. Free movement is guaranteed. And you can be sure, that all of them will attract attention!