With a dose of eccentricity: When fingerless gloves with extravagant details make the most beautiful fashion statements


Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world” and we think she’s right. And maybe today she would say “Give a girl the right pair of gloves, and she will conquer the world”. Because unlike shoes that are unseen under the table at an evening dinner or office meeting, gloves are always visible, because hands belong on the table, not under it.

Gloves as accessories with extravagant details are eye-catchers

They underline the personality, stand for individuality and make every outfit something special. Fashion is a journey for the eyes. Without striking details you might not been seen and who wants to be invisible? Fashionable gloves are excellent eye catcher. It’s easy to make a fashion statement with fingerless leather gloves. In bold trend colours, they set the tone for color-neutral outfits. Exclusive details and precious colours provide an elegant look.

Fashion has an adorable free and versatile side

Fashion is a mirror of the personal mood and completes the entire performance. Therefore, accessories play a special role, because they give each outfit a special touch, without having to immediately replace the entire wardrobe. From striking to subtle, from eccentric to classic, accessories highlight the difference – and gloves in particular.